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Maintain and repair locks properly.

Excellent locksmith tips for beginners and advanced handymen.

How to secure things at home

Intruders usually search for small devices, cash and jewelry. Apart from deadbolt installation at all entrances, you can also install a safe to keep your valuables secure. Make sure they are not in plain sight and keep keys away from open windows and openings.

Secure your locks

Place cylinder guards around the cylinder of your door locks. The metal plates will keep intruders from hammering the cylinder, especially if the plates are secured with bolts. The experts of our company in Sherman Oaks can give you plenty of ideas to secure your security door locks.

Buy a key lanyard

If you keep on forgetting your car and office keys, the best thing to do is to buy a key lanyard. According to our Sherman Oaks experts, this is what you need to stay organized. You don’t want to run the risk of locking yourself out again.

Don't secure just the front door

Perpetrators don't break in only through front doors but also walk in through any door and window around the house. They actually search for the easiest way in since they don't want to risk getting caught. So, make their life difficult and keep all entrances well secured.

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