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We specialize in handling a wide range of lock related situations. Here we answer your questions and help you deal with everyday lock problems. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and why file cabinets at work must be locked.

What are the usual mistakes homeowners make?

Homeowners usually believe that their homes are sufficiently secure and don't get updated with new systems. They don't have the locks replaced often and forget to install additional locks at windows and secondary doors. One of the most common mistakes according to Locksmith Sherman Oaks is that homeowners forget to lock their windows and doors.

Why do I need file cabinet locks?

The meaning of locking cabinets is to secure documents or other valuables you keep in there. Most offices keep important papers of clients, money and other valuables and that's why most file cabinets have locks. The secret is to keep replacing the file cabinet locks especially if ex-employees had access to these files.

What is a quick and easy way of maintaining one’s locking mechanisms?

Generally, the easiest way to go about maintaining one’s locking mechanisms is lubrication. By lubricating the key or certain parts of a lock you’ll be able to prevent it from wearing out too quickly because of friction. Truth be told, lubricating your locks now and again is almost as effective as extensive maintenance.

What makes deadbolts better than latch locks?

They are more difficult to overcome using techniques for forceful opening. The main reason for this is that the bolt is much bigger and thicker and therefore much stronger. Besides, the locking mechanism itself is more resistant to attacks. These are all reasons why homeowners and business owners are recommended to install deadbolts on exterior doors.

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