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Are Keys And Locks Inseparable

03/22/2014 Back To Blog

Are Keys And Locks InseparableAre keys and locks inseparable? Off course they are! What is the point of having a key if you do not have a lock to put it in and what is the point of having a lock that has no key? Sure there are cases where one key opens many locks; however that is completely unique situation since the key in question is called master key and all the locks that master key opens still would not have much sense without that one key. So it is not that we have keyless situation but we just have a situation where one key has multipurpose; and therefore these both elements still depend one on another.

What about key card locks

What about those situations where you do have a lock and the key that has a slightly different form? What about new key card keys where the good old fashioned key is replaced with the credit card shaped devise. The credit card shaped device still does serve as a key and it is called a key, it also successfully opens the locks; the only thing with it is that is very different in form from traditional key. Well then again, the lock that is designed to function with this type of key differs from the traditional lock as well even though it has a same function as the mechanical locks. These types of locks are quite often found in hotels where they are not just used as the door locks but also as the light switches. To be more precisely the key credit card that is given to clients in hotel is used to open the door of the hotel room as well as the light switch. The card needs to be placed in apposite device in order to turn on the light. This in fact is the only use of key credit card that might be defined as separated from the lock.

Who takes care of the key card locks

Locks and keys usually fall under the strict jurisdiction of professional locksmith business, locksmith contractors and service providers. If you need emergency lockout, car lockout, commercial lock repair, office locks change and many other locksmith services and products you know whom to turn to. But what about the key card locks? Who fix those? - Locksmith off course. Even if its “unusual”, modern and advanced those are still keys and locks.

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